Agency Nanny London: Should You Interview Your Potential Nanny?

Agency nanny London are wonderful people who can save your family much worry. A good nanny can give you more quality time with your children. They can help you to get everything done so that you can relax and enjoy your children more. Interviewing a nanny is important – each one is different.

Nannies from a nanny agency London do a fantastic job, but they are also human, and it is important that you trust the one you hire and can get on with them. Finding a nanny online and picking him or her randomly may not work very well. A proper face-to-face interview is the best way to find your perfect nanny. It is important to explain the job and what you expect from a nanny right at the start of the interview process. That way, if the job is not something that the nanny can do – or one that they want to do – they can say so and no one’s time will be wasted. Discuss the hours required, the salary, duties, how holidays will work, and the start date. Next, go through the CV of the candidate from your London nanny agency. Talk to them about their qualifications and experience. Ask them to describe each placement they have had, and find out why they left each job. Then you should ask the nanny your questions. Before the interview, it is best to prepare a list of questions that you need to have answers for before you can decide whom to hire. These include information about cooking, first aid, background, and discipline.

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