Best Nanny Agencies London: What Happens If Your Nanny Is Ill?

Best nanny agencies London will have answers to all the questions you might be able to think of when it comes to hiring a nanny. They will have answers to questions you haven’t thought of too. This is why hiring a nanny through an agency is the best way to go about things.

Something that often comes up when asking questions of a nanny agency London is what happens if they call in sick. What can be done? Having a reliable nanny is something that is worth paying for, but no one can predict illness, and in many cases it cannot be helped at all. So what is to be done when your nanny is unable to come to work? The best thing to do is phone the agency immediately. Ideally, the contract you have with your nanny will state that he or she must contact you as soon as they know they won’t be able to attend work. This allows you plenty of time to contact one of the nanny agencies in London who can help you. You should be able to find a temporary nanny to step in to help for a short period of time while your usual nanny recovers. Holidays can be another problem. It is best if the nanny and the parents organise their holidays at the same time. This way, no cover is required. However, there will be times (family events, funerals, and other occasions) when your nanny will need additional time off. Again, if this is organised in advance, it should not be a problem to re-arrange your schedule or find a temporary nanny.

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