Back to School

September 02 2016

For families, September means one thing: school. Some children will skip off into the playground without a second glance, and some will break your heart with snivelling. Whether your child is of nursery or primary school age, we have some useful tips to make sure that they get off to a great year. Good luck and remember to take a photograph on their first day!

Making Friends

  • If your child is on the shyer side, think twice about answering for them. Let them find their own voice, even if they find it hard.
  • Outside of school hours, encourage them to take part in an activity they enjoy – a sure fire way of meeting like-minded friends and building confidence.
  • If you are blessed with a boisterous child, make an effort to encourage good social skills. Practice “how would you feel if…” scenarios to encourage empathy.
  • Don’t worry – they’ll work it out for themselves eventually.


  • Set up a quiet and calm environment for children to complete homework – well lit, away from electronic devices and complete with the necessary tools.
  • While your child is working, try to avoid screens yourself to set a good example.
  • Talk to your child’s teacher about how long an exercise should take to get a good idea of how they are doing.
  • Help when asked, but let your little one do the learning.
  • Don’t make it a chore! Cut up an apple and give them some squash as they work.
  • Always take an interest in their progress and provide encouragement.


  • For such small people, children seem to require a lot of stuff just to get them out of the front door. Label everything.
  • Should you smiggle? Your children have fallen victim to a branding extravaganza and now they demand a pencil case approaching £20. Tell them it’s cooler to be different before forking out.
  • Children grow! Check that their clothes still fit before subjecting them to a long first week in ankle-swingers.