Children don’t do Hygge

November 05 2016

It’s cold. Perhaps you are a summer person, and you yearn for the days when you weren’t plagued by a recurring sneeze. Perhaps you are a winter person and you like curling up under a blanket like a hibernating bear. Either way, who would want to go out in cold? I’ll tell you who: kids. Keep them inside and they’ll be hopping about like frogs in a box. Children generally only start reaping the benefits of cosy set up when they morph into teenagers, by which point you will be dragging them out of the front door. Hygge is another word for slobbing out - let’s embrace autumn!

1) Hogwarts in the Snow (read more)

Hogwarts! In the Snow! What’s not to love? Learn about how the makers of the set created the festive atmosphere. It’s a bit of a schlep (St.Albans) but certainly worth it for the Potter based excitement.

2) Bushy Park (read more)

It’s the hunting ground of Henry the 8th, near Hampton Court Palace. Henry’s gone but the deer haven’t. It feels like the countryside but with the added bonus that a royal landscaper has devised some stunning scenery. Wrap up and go leaf peeping before the trees are bare. Warm up with a hot chocolate at The Pheasantry Café.

3) Lord Mayor’s Show (12th November) (read more)

Dating back to 1215, everyone will enjoy this historic tradition. The new Lord Mayor gets treated to a river pageant (9am), a procession (11am) and Fireworks (5:15pm). The procession itself is made up of 7,000 people, 200 horses and 140 floats. It’s quite an event!

4) Super Moon!  November 14th (read more)

Get yourself and the family to a good vantage point (Primrose Hill or Hampstead Heath, for example) to take in the full majesty of our favourite natural satellite. Bring a flask of something hot, binoculars and a camera. Clouds willing, it will be unforgettable. The next one won’t be until 2034.

5) The Sky Tonight at the Royal Observatory (read more)

If the super moon inspires your family to learn more about space, then this show will be fascinating for the whole family. Presented by a Royal Observatory Astronomer this event will introduce you to constellations, planets and deep space objects.