Christmas Activities in London: Inspiration for Nannies and Parents

December 19 2016

Christmas is almost upon us. With so many great things happening this year, we have compiled the ultimate Christmas activities list for parents and nannies in London. These great activities will brighten up the short, dark days.

Skate at Somerset House  (read more)

Parents, nannies and au pairs will be very popular for this trip! The beautiful Somerset House courtyard will enchant little ones of all ages. If your child is unsure on the ice, or if you are feeling a little wobbly, there are polar bear stabilisers to help stop falls. Skate under the twinkling lights of their enormous Christmas tree in central London.

Bake Mince Pies at Home

No tickets necessary, just a jar of mincemeat. Often, the best way of getting in the festive spirit is to cook your way there. This is a perfect after-school activity for nannies and children. Children will love getting their hands into some pastry.

Meet Father Christmas at the Royal Albert Hall (read more)

Adventure on a magical treasure hunt to find Santa’s Grotto. Receive a gift from the man himself as *real* snow falls around you. Children will never forget meeting Father Christmas at the Royal Albert Hall.

Christmas Collage

When the days are short and cold, what else to do but collage? You will need: cotton pads, tissue paper, and anything else you can find that will stick down with PVA glue. Put on some festive music, spread some newspaper down and see who can make the best snowman. Younger children will need nannies to draw them an outline they can fill in, but allow older children to be as creative as they want. The only rule is the collage must be Christmas themed. Stick them on the fridge before Mum and Dad get home.

Frozen at the O2 (read more) 

Let it Go: the perfect outing for young fans of Disney’s Frozen. This is an opportunity for parents and nannies to introduce their children to the excitement of live performance. Children will be singing for weeks afterwards.

An Angel for the Top of the Tree

Nannies: Cut out a large semi-circle shape and a pair of wings in sugar paper.

Children: Draw and decorate an angel in the middle of the semi-circle. Roll up semi-circle into a cone shape, secure with glue. Stick the wings on the Angel.

Nannies: Place on top of spruce.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Nationwide Nannies!