Easy Indoor Fun

January 19 2017

If you are not a ‘crafty’ person, it can feel like many indoor activities are the equivalent of painting the Sistine Chapel. Who, you ask, has the inclination or capacity to make a paper mache anything with young children? Indoor fun doesn’t need to involve watered-down PVA glue or resemble an episode of Art Attack. It can be genuinely easy. These are some simple indoor activities for Nannies and children to enjoy together.

1) Cardboard Box

This one is simply called Cardboard Box. Put the children in some messy clothes and throw in some felt tips. If the child is older they can perhaps draw an aquarium or the inside of a space station. If the child is younger then it is a prime chance to immerse them in 3-D scribbling. Even a shoebox can be made into a home for toys. A bigger box can be transformed into a den. To instantly get rid of any mess, just fold up and recycle.

2) Pots and Pans Band

This is for the musically inclined Nannies of London. You will need to lay out some upside down pots and pans in the approximate shape of a drum kit, with wooden spoons for sticks. Musical older children can play their own instruments. As bandleader and conductor, nannies will have creative control. Play a favourite song, or perform a song, the children can play along with.  Coming up with a good band name and composing some original songs can be part of an on going project.

3) Pet Rock

Perhaps in this age of virtual reality and i-phones there is no room for a pet rock. Perhaps an adorable hand painted pebble is something your little ones will treasure forever. You will need one medium sized rock and some paint. Remember to give them only one rock each. It will need a name and a back-story. Where is it from? What does it like to eat? Sketch out its features and patterns in pencil before you start painting. This rock is one of a kind!

4) The Water Bottle Challenge

This has already probably been the bane of your life for some months. However, there is no denying it is cheap, addictive and highly competitive. See how many you can land in one minute.

5) Treasure-Hunt

This is a game for more special occasions - a reward for working hard at school or for being very well behaved. All you need to do is to make your way to the local pound shop and buy a variety of silly presents. Wrap them up and hide them around the house. You can make the hunt as simple or as complicated as you like: you could make a map to the treasure, for instance, or let them discover clues before they find anything.

These activities are perfect for nannies and parents who weep when they hear the word ‘craft’. We hope you enjoy these five simple activities!