Five Reasons to Love your Nanny

August 03 2016

1. Peace of Mind
How many parents can say that they have that? Most of your friends are busy feeling worried or guilty, or some horrible mixture of the two. Not you. You know that your child is getting the best one-on-one care possible. Having someone you know and trust looking after your child is priceless.

2. Expertise
Your nanny may not have written the book on childcare, but they have passed an exam on it (read more). How much Calpol is too much Calpol? Is fruit juice really too sugary? When will she stop teething? Instead of turning to Google, you can ask a real-life expert. Your nanny has the answers.

3. Flexibility
With a nanny, your child is able to assert their personality and follow their budding interests. If your child becomes fixated on aeroplanes, your nanny can take them plane spotting! Unlike at a nursery, your child’s care revolves around them. Your nanny encourages your child to be outgoing and interested in the world around them.

4. Quality Time
Whether your nanny enables you to go to work or pursue your own interests, it means that you are able to fulfil your goals. So, when you do spend time with your child, they get the very best of you. Time spent with your child becomes golden. Plus, they always have so many new songs and games to show you.

5. Your Schedule
Instead of coaxing your child awake to take them to nursery at some unholy hour, you can both enjoy a little more rest. When your day is over, you can go straight home. Your nanny saves you so much time!