Happy Nanny equals Happy Family

September 22 2016

One of the biggest concerns that families have when they hire a nanny is how best to make sure that they are happy and content. Many parents puzzle as to where the line between employee, guest and family member are drawn. The honest answer is that there are no solid lines. We have drawn together some tips to ensure that you and your nanny build a constructive and enjoyable working relationship.

1) Independence

 - Encourage your nanny or au pair to enjoy an independent life outside of their commitments to your family. Luckily, nannies in London have the advantage of a thriving city at their feet.

 - If English is not their first language, getting in touch with a language school is an excellent way for them to integrate with their peer group. 

2) Privacy

 - When your nanny is off duty, allow them to disappear into their room if they wish.

 - Make it clear to your children that they must respect their nanny’s personal space.

3) Respect

 - If you have an issue you wish to discuss with your nanny, take the time to discuss it with them away from the children.

 - Similarly, it should be clear to your children that they should treat their nanny with the same respect that they treat their parents.

 - Make yourself aware and sensitive to the cultural needs of your nanny.

4) Emotional Support

 - Try to include your nanny/ au pair in family life. Going for a walk? Ask them if they would like to join.

 - Be realistic: prepare for them to have the occasional ‘bad day’. Ask them how you can help.

 - What special skills do they bring to the table? Do they enjoy drawing, or play a musical instrument? Encourage them to introduce your child to this aspect of them.

5) Practical Support

 - When they first arrive, set some time aside to introduce them to the area. Show them where the bus stop is, where the park is, where the good shops are…

 - Arrange review meetings. Take the time to discuss any issues over a cup of tea.

 - Properly familiarise yourself with your responsibilities as an employer (read more).

 We really hope this helps. If you have any further queries, the Nationwide Nannies team are on hand to provide support and assistance.