Live Out Nanny North London: Should A Nanny Ask The Children To Help Around The House?

Live out nanny North London is the type of nanny who arrives in the morning and leaves in the evening, having looked after your child or children for the day. They do not stay in your house overnight. They will have plenty of work to do – and perhaps your children will too.

The question of whether a live out nanny London should ask your children to do household chores is dependent on what you as the parent want them to do. If you would prefer that the children did not do things around the house, you should let your nanny know. Equally, if you think they should, tell your nanny that you would like them to be involved in the cleaning, laundry, and perhaps even cooking. You have the final say. Although some parents prefer it that their children don’t do housework, there are certainly some positive aspects to asking them to, and it could be something you consider. Having your child do housework can give them a good sense of responsibility, particularly when it is their own mess they are tidying up. This gives them a great sense of achievement, and can help them in their general day-to-day lives and also at school or nursery. Research suggests that children who help out with household chores have a higher self-esteem and greater confidence too. As long as the chores are age appropriate and supervised, this should not be a problem, and can help them greatly.

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