London Nanny Agency Contracts – What Can Be Part Of Them?

London nanny agency contracts needn’t be as complicated as families may assume. With the help of the reputable nanny agency London based you have chosen, you’ll have a list of decisions to make upfront. You might think a contract is a waste of time and limits what you as the client receive from your new nanny. In fact, it does just the opposite. By having a contract in place, you’ll know exactly what you can expect from your new nanny and, in turn, what they expect from you. In this way, you’ll be more likely to enjoy a fruitful working relationship together.

Contract Support From Your Nanny Agency London Based

When you’re thinking about employing a nanny, whether that’s a live in or live out nanny, there are certain obligations that you have. You’ll technically be an employer, meaning that you need to be aware of your legal status and payroll services. There are UK based services that can aid you in sorting these things out or, alternatively, you can register yourself an employer independently and operate your own PAYE scheme. You must pay National Insurance, which contributes towards such schemes as Statutory Sick Pay and you must also ensure that you’re covered by Employer’s and Public Liability insurance. Every employer in the UK must now provide a workplace pension too. Whether you’re searching for a nanny agency North London, a nanny agency South London or anything in between, the agency you finally settle with should be one you trust to help you with the legalities. It’s a sad fact that some agencies don’t honour their obligations when it comes to client satisfaction with the overall process. However, the best agencies recognise that the only way to ensure that there are no problems further down the line is to help clients establish contracts early on in the process. This includes assisting them with understanding their legal obligations and implementing them. If you come across an agency that can’t offer any support in this area, find one who is more willing to explain your rights. This is an integral aspect of hiring a nanny agencies in London and shouldn’t be trivialised.

What Should Your Agency Nanny London Contract Include?

An employment contract can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. Some London nanny agency advisors, however, will explain to both clients and candidates alike that it’s always best to document everything you expect from the other party in writing. This guarantees that verbal agreements aren’t misinterpreted and that all responsibilities, on both sides, are adhered to. Your agency nanny London based will be in no doubt about her duties, and this should lead to a harmonious working relationship. So, be sure to consider the basics such as working hours and rate of pay. Identify what this rate includes. For example, live out nannies are often reimbursed for mileage. Your nanny agency London UK will also set out other aspects that need boundary clarification. So, for instance, what are the specific duties your nanny will be expected to undertake? If you require them to do any housekeeping, identify the areas you wish them to do and so on. What benefits are there to attract the candidate to your employment such as paid holidays, sick days and insurance benefits? At this point, it’s always important to be clear about house rules too. This can include parking arrangements, food handling, guest policies and rooms that shouldn’t be entered. Remember, every household will be different, and this is where an agency intermediary comes in very handy. They can find out the expectations on both sides and ensure that candidates and client match up. One excellent agency in this respect is Nationwide Nannies Ltd.

Choose Nationwide Nannies Ltd – A London Nanny Agency For You

Nationwide Nannies Ltd are London’s premier agency. We know that choosing a London nanny agency can be difficult, and that’s before you even start thinking about the contractual aspects of employing a nanny and the legalities it entails. However, if you choose the best nanny agency London has to offer, you’ll be assured of an easier process, and that’s what we endeavour to be. With plenty of experience in childcare and nanny placement, we can answer all your questions. You can learn more about our experience and expertise by calling 0203 621 2931 or by visiting our website at