Nannies In London UK: What Is A Nanny Share?

Nannies in London UK are a wonderful way for families to enjoy quality time together but also get their work and schooling done with no interruptions. It works for many thousands of families across the world and could be the ideal solution to your time management problems.

For some families, hiring a nanny in London is not always possible, even if it is required. Cost can come into it, but so can the hours required. Not all nannies are willing to work part-time hours, for example. A good nanny agency London way will put you in touch with a nanny who will suit your needs, but another option is a nanny share. A nanny share is what happens when one nanny works for two (or more) families simultaneously. This can work extremely well for everyone involved. It means that parents who don’t need a full-time nanny can hire one on a part-time basis, but the nanny themselves can work full-time hours across two or more households. There may be times when both families need the nanny, so it is essential that the families are happy for their children to socialise together, and for the nanny to work with more than one family at the same time. Many of the nanny share families meet to introduce themselves and for their children to get to know one another. This is wonderful for the children who can socialise with others even when not at school or nursery. In fact, for that exact reason, a lot of parents prefer this approach as opposed to hiring a nanny just for themselves.

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