Nannies In South London: How Flexible Can A Nanny Be?

Nannies in South London can be called upon to work different hours for a number of different reasons. This is one of the most valuable things about hiring a good nanny – flexibility is key. We understand that routines can change sometimes, which is why flexibility is so important.

A nanny in London can really be as flexible as you need them to be as long as the timings and hours work for everyone. This should be discussed during the interview stage, but also during the contract negotiation stage. Without talking through the flexibility of the role beforehand, you might find that there are times and days that your nanny can’t do, and this can cause problems. Finding a good nanny agency London based is the first step in hiring an excellent nanny because they will do the initial interview stages for you. This means that you will only need to speak to those potential nannies who have the best availability to suit your lifestyle. Even if you hire a nanny to come to your home for the same time every day, and leave or finish at the same time every day, those days can also be flexible. Whatever your child is into or whatever classes they are interested in doing, for example, your nanny will be able to take them. This means that your child will not have to miss out just because you are at work or away from home for any reason. It helps keep them to a good routine, and it gives them a more rounded life with plenty of extracurricular activities.

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