Nanny Agencies In East London: Should You Provide Petty Cash For Your Nanny?

Nanny agencies in East London have a wide range of nannies to choose from, and they have the experience to ensure that you end up with a perfect match. They are also able to answer any queries you may have about hiring a nanny and what to expect of them and the relationship.

The question of money has always been a tricky one to answer. As a nation, we do tend to be rather reserved when it comes to cash, and that can mean that a nanny from a nanny agency London might find it difficult to ask for extra money for day-to-day activities. Equally, when employing someone from one of the nanny agencies in London, the employer may also feel awkward about asking for money, and therefore, other than the salary, it is never mentioned. This can leave the nanny out of pocket and the parent wondering whether they should do something. In the end, no one is happy with the situation. Therefore, it is a good idea to leave a regular amount of petty cash for the nanny each week. This can be used for transport, or to pay for groups and activities. The money should be accounted for with receipts – after all, you would ask any other kind of employee to do exactly that when it came to petty cash. Alternatively, you can reimburse your nanny after they have spent the money. Again, they will need receipts. Whatever you prefer, make sure it is laid out in the contract, so everyone knows what to expect.

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