Nanny Agencies In South East London: Can You Take Your Nanny On Holiday With You?

Nanny agencies in South East London should be your first port of call when it comes to finding an excellent nanny. By using an agency, you have more control over whom you hire in the end, and you can speak to the agency in advance about the kind of person you want.

Some parents choose to have their nanny travel with them when they go on holiday. This is not, however, suitable for everyone, and should be talked through when you first visit the nanny agency London you have chosen. If you do want your nanny to travel with you, then you will need to ensure that he or she is flexible enough to do this. They may, for example, have wanted to take their own holiday when you take yours. By going on holiday with you and your children, this could have an impact on their own social and family lives. Just like with any employee, your nanny will be entitled to their own holiday as well. The interview stage is the perfect time to discuss the question of holidays, as you can then find out what the nanny thinks of the idea. They may be keen to do it, as it means they can travel. Alternatively, they may prefer some time to themselves. If they are to travel abroad, it is essential that you check they have a passport. This is where working with one of the best nanny agencies in London comes in handy. They will be sure to find you a selection of candidates that are willing to go on a family holiday with you, making the whole process much easier.

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