Nanny Agency Central London: Do You Need A Contract For Your Nanny?

Nanny agency central London is a great way to start your search for a nanny to assist you and your family. Using an agency will give you greater peace of mind, and somewhere to turn when you have questions. One question you might ask is whether you need a nanny contract.

It is always recommended that you have a contract that can be signed by both you and the nanny from your chosen nanny agency London. Although it may be possible to engage a nanny without such a contract, the document is there for the protection of both parties, and, if there is one in place, it can save a lot of problems if there is a dispute later down the line. The contract won’t, however, be with the London nanny agency, but with the nanny his or herself. This means that, although the agency may help you to draw it up, and they may even have a special template, they won’t be able to tell you what to put in it. They can, of course, advise. This will be between you and the nanny you are hiring. The contract will need to cover all aspects of the job itself including hours and what is expected. But it will also need to cover sick pay, holidays, and the general terms and conditions of payment. The contract should be signed as quickly as possible, and preferably before the first day of employment. There should be enough time between receiving the contract and needing to sign it for both sides to check through and ensure that it is right. Signing an incorrect contract can be problematic.

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