Nanny Agency East London: How Much Should A Nanny Be Paid?

Nanny agency East London and across the country are designed to have only the very best nannies on their books. That means that when you contact a highly professional nanny agency, a highly professional nanny is who you will be able to hire. But how much will you pay them?

How much you pay a nanny will vary somewhat for each individual. It is something that, for the most part, you and the nanny agency London will be able to agree on before you start to interview potential nannies. Salaries for nannies tend to start at around £10 per hour, but there are many factors to take into consideration. A live-in nanny may earn more than one who works only during the day. And a nanny with extra skills – such as an additional language, or someone who will cook dinner or tidy the house, for example – will need to be paid more as well. Speak to your chosen London nanny agency to find out the exact details of the kind of nanny you are looking for. Experience is also something that will play a part in working out how much to pay your nanny. If they are just starting out and have less experience, then they will normally be paid less than someone who has been a nanny for many years and, therefore, has a lot more experience. ‘Out of hours’ or ‘unsociable hours’ such as evenings and weekend will also cost a premium. This will all need to be agreed in advance of hiring your nanny.

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