Nanny Agency South East London: What Are A Nanny’s Duties?

Nanny agency South East London will need to schedule a time for a discussion with you and your family about what you are looking for in a nanny. Do you need a daily nanny or one who will live with you? Do you need someone on a part-time or temporary basis?

You will also want to hear about what a nanny’s general duties are. Of course, you can negotiate with your nanny agency London for your nanny to do more if you need them to, but this will need to be discussed before any contracts are signed. Generally, however, your nanny’s duties will be to care for your child of children and fulfilling all of those duties with love and attention. These duties include ensuring that your child’s emotional needs are met. This can be done through listening, caring, understanding, and loving the child. Not only that, but they should also be able to provide stimulating, educational activities. This is to supplement anything that you do, and in addition to the child’s schoolwork, assuming they are old enough to be at school. The nanny should also ensure that the child is always presentable. This means keeping them clean – and keeping their clothes clean. They will need access to your laundry facilities, and again this should be talked through with your London nanny agency. This is especially the case when potty training (another duty that a nanny may need to perform, depending on the age of the child). A nanny should also be able to cook your child healthy, well-balanced meals.

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