Nanny Agency South London: Are There Any Male Nannies?

Nanny agency South London might once, in the past, have been only for female nannies. That’s because female nannies were once all there was. However, in recent times more and more men are becoming nannies. They are known as ‘mannies’. Would a manny work in your household?

Once you have found a nanny agency London with male nannies for hire, what reasons might you have for hiring a male nanny rather than a female one? Firstly, having a male nanny in the household breaks down gender stereotypes. It shows children that anyone can do anything that they want to do in life. It also shows them that men can – and should – be as loving and caring as women. A male nanny will also give children a valuable male role model. This could be ideal for single mothers and children with absent fathers. However, even families with two parents can also find a benefit in having an additional male role model around the house. A male nanny can also offer different experiences to those offered by a female nanny. It might be that a male nanny is more likely to play ‘rough and tumble’ games, which some children prefer. In most cases, it will depend on the child and what they enjoy doing when it comes to choosing a nanny from a London nanny agency. A male nanny may also be of use if you have a less abled child who may need to be moved to and from a wheelchair or bed.

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