South East London Nannies: What About Nanny Insurance?

South East London nannies need to be responsible for many different aspects of your children’s lives. Therefore, it is important that they are fully vetted and understand how to work with and live with children. It is also important that they are properly insured. In fact, it is essential.

It is not a legal requirement for a nanny in London to have public liability insurance, but it is always a good idea. Plus, it is becoming more usual to find nannies that have this insurance as opposed to those that do not. Not only does it give parents peace of mind, but it is a great way for nannies themselves to show how responsible they are, and how much they take their job seriously. Public liability insurance provides essential cover for legal costs and possible compensation should anything happen to your children whilst in the care of your nanny, assuming the nanny was at fault. These costs can be extremely high, and without having the correct insurance, many nannies would not be able to pay them. Although it is not something that parents need to worry about on a daily basis – your nanny will be a professional from a good nanny agency London after all – it is still something that should be discussed at interview stage. Accidents do happen, and it is best to be prepared. A nanny’s public liability insurance is something that she or he will pay for themselves, and should come at no extra cost to the employer.

South East London nannies that are fully qualified and insured are the perfect choice for busy parents. At Nationwide Nannies Ltd ( we have a variety of different nannies to suit all needs. More information about our services can be found by emailing or by phoning 0203 621 2931.